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New Year, New Adventure

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I'm heading on
the road again!

This time I want you to come along.

I'm heading on the road again, and this time I want you to come along.

I'm writing this post on a bus in Norway. It's winding through the mountain region between Bergen and Stavanger. It's a stunning drive, with large rock cliffs covered with mustard yellow moss and Lupines (which are my favourite flower but seen as a bit of a nuisance dandelion there) they are budding and will soon cover the rocks with purples, pinks, and blues. The rocks give way to small villages that sit along the clear blue ocean.

There is something about being jet-lagged on a bus.

I sit here alternating between watching the scenery, writing, and pressing my forehead against the cool window. Excited about an upcoming trip, full on Mint Daim chocolate, and thinking back on past adventures.

Last summer I traveled to 14 towns in Manitoba to hear the stories behind giant statues. I made a podcast, met a lot of amazing people, and really grew to appreciate where I come from. Yet...and this might come off as a tad clicheeeee, but it's my blog. I look back on that trip and it was the trip itself that was my favourite part. From getting stuck in a heard of cows on my way to Melita, to watching a group of people pull an old steam tractor with a rope in Austin (believe me, you won't soon forget the aged smell of a steam engine, the creaking of the belt, and just how slow they are). To, trying to act cool as I touched mammoth hair in Morden.  It's these moments that made last summer amazing and I wanted to share my experiences with you guys as I head back out on the road.

This summer I plan on exploring even more of Manitoba and hear the rest of the giant statue stories. I also plan on sharing some roadside tricks with you guys. From roadside cooking, must-see detours, and the best places to stop for dinner.

This blog will take you along as I visit all 70+ statues this summer.

Let's get going.


Meghan Kjartanson